For the Record: Reading Apeshit
by Het Nieuwe Instituut

This event examined and discussed the music video Apeshit by The Carters, also known as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The choreography and the selected artworks from the Louvre collection formed the basis for a debate on forms of representation, performance and decolonizing cultural institutions. With speakers Davide Bellotta (dancer and choreographer), Imara Limon (curator Amsterdam Museum) and Nathalie Hartjes (director Showroom MAMA). The evening was moderated by Shay Kreuger.

s – 10s
Katía Truijen

This is the first event in the For the Record series.

5s – 15s
Katía Truijen

More about the artworks in the Louvre that are featuring in the video, and their history and symbolic meaning:
Imara Limon
Imara Limon (1988) is a curator at the Amsterdam Museum, where she worked on the exhibition ‘Zwart Amsterdam’, 2016. Limon has a background in Contemporary Art, Museology and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. She has curated the exhibition program ‘Black & Revolutionary’, 2017, with The Black Archives, and developed the multi-year research program ‘New Narratives’ at the Amsterdam Museum. Limon is an advisor at the Mondriaan Fund and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, and winner of the Museum Talent Prize 2017. She was a curator-in-residence at the ISCP in New York, 2018.
Davide Bellota
Davide Bellotta (Italy, 1986) choreographed for the multidisciplinary location performances ANDERS LANDEN (2009), MIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM (2010) and BLUEBEARD (2011). Davide continued his work as a choreographer for Conny Janssen Danst with DANSLOKAAL 2 (2014/2015). In 2016 he created the performance CLARITY together with singer-songwriter iET.In addition to being a maker and dancer, Davide is also a musician and filmmaker. He is the founder of ThreeHands, a company that makes music videos, commercials, music compositions and visuals.
Shay Kreuger
Shayveca Kreuger, better known as Shay, is an all-round host, interviewer and media maker working in radio, television and theatre. She has worked at FunX (Fresh’n Up, later Morad & Shay), is known for her television documentary Letters from Poncho (Brieven van Poncho), and is responsible for part of the programming of For The Record at Het Nieuwe Instituut. She also works at Hogeschool Rotterdam as a study career coach and part-time teacher of business development. Since 2017, she has had her own show: SHAY! on NPO Radio 2.
Nathalie Hartjes
Since 2015, Nathalie Hartjes is director of MAMA. In 2014, she led Nieuwe Vide art space in Haarlem. She was employed by De Appel arts centre in Amsterdam from 2010 to 2015, where she was coordinator of both its renowned Curatorial Programme and the innovative Gallerist Programme that ran from 2012–14. She started her career at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, where she was based from 2004–08. Nathalie also writes for several arts and culture magazines in the Netherlands and in Belgium and is keen on writing fiction whenever the opportunity arises. Her artistic interests are centered around acts of subversion within mass and popular culture, “camp” strategies, and forms of transgression as tools to trouble authority, revalue so-called low culture, and promote inclusion beyond a traditional elite.
Beneath the Stage with Beyoncé and Jay-Z - Wallpaper*
by Harriet Thorpe